Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Bazing away in a Blizzard

Doing this by phone. When we met at the shed, this morning. Reports were placing the snow fall between 2 to 3.5 inches and the wind was making it look and feel like a good old Nebraska blizzard. The boss taking pity on me, because of this cold or flu that I have been fighting for a week now, sent me home. I did not argue, and wished 5 hardy soles off, they went for the pits. I back the red van out and headed back to town, through almost whiteout, at times, and found my warm, cozy, recliner, and soon was off into dream land and working on getting better.

When I awoke around noon, I had to check up on them, if for no other reason, to see if they were in need of a rescue unit. To my surprise, They were hammering in a blizzard. The boss told me that they took two of the closes shots of the season. They had been into two different flocks and if it wasn’t for picking up their birds they may have been into another flock. If I understand it right the birds got down wind from the blinds and got down about 20 feet off the lake’s surface and pumped right up over the pits, heading right for the water hole, out in front of the pits. They had taken 9 birds out of the two flocks. Ralph also reported that they were seeing numerous, flocks, some low and some very high. He also added that these were the biggest geese he has ever seen. There is a scales in my pit but didn’t get it out, but he was sure there were two that was over 14 pounds. He also stated that their breast was a different color than usual, if I understood they were much lighter that most.

Believe me when I say they earned them birds, because it just has to be miserable out there. Temps in the low teens and wind chill below zero.

To bring you up to date on the activity, since my last posting. Was not to much action. I was running on one cylinder so I was taking it easy when I got home, but we took one goose on Saturday, and I think that about covers the kill.

Again , please remember the troops in your bedtime prayers and check back

See Ya Carl

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