Sunday, December 14, 2008

As we drove to the pits we had the warmest part of the day, and I am not for sure, but the wind was already blowing. It may have got higher ,but not much . The thermometer kept dropping throughout the day and it was brutal. Had hunter’s that reported it was around 45 degrees when they started their travels to Tekamah and it was 19 when got here. Had these reports from hunters, both from Omaha as well as Lincoln. Was able to keep the blinds reasonably comfortably.

We didn’t even put out the duck decoys, because it was apparent they would be covered with ice, and look worst than nothing at all. Was into the day maybe 15 minutes when in come about 15 mallards, and not many were ready for a shot, so only harvested, one bird. With in about another 45 minutes or so here come a flock of about 30 big boys. We sent them a welcoming song and they responded like it was 4:00 in the afternoon. Didn’t take them long to get down to landing level, but it seem like it took 10 minutes for them to pull up to the water hole, and for the shot. Now this sight has to rank "high" as one of the most beautiful sights of the year. They were about 10-20 yards out in the lake and only about 6-12 feet high, when the boss turned us loose. We did ourselves proud. He was wanting another 10 birds to get the count up to over 200 geese for the year. When we got them picked up we had eleven. Later on in the day we added another Canada and also took a snow goose. This brought our total up to 13 geese for the day, and about par for the dark geese. I am sure you are aware that a few years back, several hundred Snow and Blues, were par, but that has changed and this season, we have to be happy with around a dozen of those dudes.

I can not give you any info on the rest of the season, but tomorrow the 15th we are not going to hunt. It is just to cold for the boss. Most likely it is not wise for him to breath that super cold air, and he just has to watch the whole time he is out there. So if wishing to hunt, it is best to talk to him, for such info. His number if 402-374-2747. There should be some stuff moving, yet, but it sure makes for a long day, when you go into action only a time or two a day.

I will make a posting whenever I have some info, that you may find interesting.
So in the mean time, remember the troops in all your prayers and check back

See Ya Carl

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mark said...

Twas a shame that one drunk from Lincoln missed that 8:00 A.m. goose shoot!