Monday, February 23, 2009

The Clock is Ticking

The moment is getting closer. The lake is ready, the blinds, are ready, the decoys are set, and the place looks great. Again I am forced to say that if we don’t have some great action this spring, we best leave the decoys in the shed next spring. The boss has the place looking as pretty, as a June bride. I would like to describe it to you just how he has it set up but, there is no words this guy knows, that can describe, it except "pretty."

The reports are that there is over 600,000 at Squaw Creek area, That is a historic number for this early in the spring. The long range (15 days) weather forecast, is calling for some snow at the end of that period, so hoping there is a few that make it North before they, get sent back South. They, decoy so good, on the return trip. God could smile on us again, with some action like that. We are in the last week of February and that is when, we usually start to occupy the blinds. Have some hunters that are on standby with lunches packed, guns oiled and ready to roll, as soon as the birds arrive.

Spoke with a hunter, that hunts east of the Rain Water Basin (center of the state) and he seen a few flocks Sunday, and he has always started to hunt and shoot a few days before we do. So things are so close.

Spoke to the boss again this morning and he said he still has a few Memberships to fill, so if interested, please contact him.

Best to keep checking back, cause one of these days we will be hammering and filing reports, daily.

So say a prayer for the troops, daily and please check back

See Ya Carl

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