Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Spring Update

Spring is getting closer so think I should up date this. Even though, I have not talked to the Boss for over a week, I know he is busy getting the blinds an surrounding area ready for the spring hunt. When I did talk to him the other day he ask me to tell you that he has a few memberships open, if some of you guy’s are interested. There has been a couple of the older members, that are not going to take their membership and RK would like to fill these. I think it figures out that if you hunt 10 days in the fall, you are money ahead. Really a bargain, and it is even a bigger bargain, if you hunt the spring hunt. So if interested, please contact Ralph

Has been a pretty cold winter so far, and we have had snow on the ground for so long. I know that our big, snow month, February and March are still in front of us, but it is getting the time of year when we do get snow, it is gone in a couple of days.

As for a prediction on our up coming harvest/season, I am refusing to shoot off my mouth. Last year if you remember, I SWAG-ed it at some dumb number that we didn’t get closed to. Been trying to live that number down every since. I was going to tell you I was predicting just 2 birds, but was sure that, some smart A-- would remind me that I was not going to be the only shooter.

The above was written a couple of weeks ago, and for some reason I didn’t post, so will continue with an update on the update.

We have been getting several reports, of birds building up in the Squaw Creek area, so the day is not far away when we will be again burning some powder. I was out this morning and got the blaster almost installed. The Boss has been work almost every day for the last month so he says "as soon as they get here, we are ready". There has been some reports of some birds, in our area, before this cold blast that is here today. So they are eager to move and will as soon as we get some favorable weather for them. While working out there this morning, I did see a couple flocks of dark birds, but no Carp.

Think I will close and post before I forget to post again. Soon we will again be making daily reports, but until then, please remember the troops in your daily prayers.

See Ya Carl

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