Monday, March 02, 2009

After the big storm

Since I am receiving phone calls and E-Mails, asking for the results of the week end hunt. Well Mother Nature, canceled all plans of such hunt. I said that there was at least a 4-5 inch snow fall and there is a guy that has a custom snow removal business here, said if I would have scooped as much as he did, I would know it was between 6 and 7 inches. Either amount plus the cold wave, canceled and put me right back into the recliner for another snooze.

Reports are that as soon as there is a little water and some bare ground, we will be back in the saddle again. Rockie is driving in, on Wednesday, so for sure we will be hunting on Thursday. We have some great warm weather forecast, starting today and it gets better everyday, this week.

Reports before the snow storm, there were 1,222,630 geese at Squaw Creek, or Mound City Mo. That is the last stopping point before our area. We had just a few in the area before the storm and from reports I got from the BOSS he seen a flock of over 100, do just as he wanted then to do. Reports, he was very excited about their flight path. SOUNDS GOOD TO ME.
So Pull the plug, oil the old gal up, pack a lunch, and plunk your butt, on the seat and lets have some full.

Will be reporting again as soon as we hit the pits, and have some action. Till then keep the troops in your prayers, and check back
See ya Carl

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