Friday, September 24, 2010

75th Festivities

Need to bring everybody up to date on the 75th festivities. First off for all who sent cards, thank you, and for those who didn’t “get r done”. Took 75 years to reach that point, in life, what is a few day late, hurt. We did not reach the 100 card point, I wanted but we did come close.

Also this week, the local paper done a story on them and it can be read on line by going to:

Lyle, I and our wives took them out to dinner, Wed. evening, along with some other guest and had a great evening. Not to proud of the quality of the pictures, I took have excuses, but that is just what they are excuses. There is just to much glass, and I just don’t get behind the camera enough anymore to see the problems in every setting. But you get them anyway. I think you can click on each photo and enlarge it. Got some red eye and other bad photography, but I wanted you.

Anthony’s announced on the house intercom, that we were in the house and you could hear applause form other areas of the building. The area we were at was defiantly AWE STRUCK, and gave them a standing ovation. Lyle’s wife had baked and decorated, a cake so we all enjoyed that too.

The goose is also a gift they receive from the owner of the Bigfoot Decoy company. What a great gift!!!

Been having plenty of rain that has kept me from completing the intercom project, but it will be done soon. Other than that I think the boss is ready to hunt. He has been reporting that he is seeing big number of ducks, but as you know that can change with the weather, over night. I guess I should sat the are Blue wing, Pintails, Woodies and them birds we see early. But I t5ell you that because it is sounding like there is good numbers. He is also saying he is seeing plenty of Mallards. Lets pray we see a good movement of Mallards this fall., and have a couple three good Mallard shoots. It has been so long since we have had a year with Mallards. Of course there is plenty of Canada’s around too. Most are locals, but there is some migrater’s too.

Having trouble getting pictures to go through with the data so making a seperate posting for pictures.

See Ya Carl

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