Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The season is about to begin

Almost everything is done and waiting for Saturday morning. I had to order a new mic. For mission control, but it is coming right to me and I just have to plug it in. The intercom is ready other wise.
When I went to the lake yesterday afternoon there was a concentration of ducks, like I have never seen before. I have said, there were more ducks get up off that lake than I seen all fall last year. That may not be stretching it a bit but there were 5 huge flocks, and each flock were in the thousands. Was out this morning and there was a few big flocks, but nothing like yesterday.
You have responded pretty good for the plea for cards, for the Kohler’s. Dorothy told me it was not quite hit 100 yet but it is very close. At least we passed the 75, number, which would have been one card for each year of Marriage.
Saturday begins the action. So I know I will be flooded with E-Mails asking what time?? Well the sun comes up at 7:21 we can shoot 1/2 hour before sunrise 6:51. Takes about an hour to leave town, drive to the shed, get to the blinds, get unpacked, get your guns out and loaded. That computes to about 5:50. So plan on leaving Tailgators at 10 minutes before 6:00. Take the girls about 30 to 45 minutes to take your order and cook and you eat, so adjust your clocks and be there.
Don’t forget HIP number and Federal waterfowl stamp, I almost did.
Remember the troops in your bedtime prayers, and please check back. Hopping there are some very good reports this year.

See Ya and happy hunting Carl

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