Thursday, September 09, 2010

Preseason update

Well it is about time I get busy and post a report, and bring everyone up to date.

The blinds have been moved, and I have some work to finish before we start hunting from them. I supposed you are interested as just where they are now. We shortened the walk just a little. The are about 15 yards closer to the outhouse.

For you that do not live in this part of the country, I best include the opening days for you.
Ducks open for us on the first Saturday of October, and that is the October. 2nd Canada starts a week latter on October 9th.

The boss has had a hard summer out there. We have had so much rain, and the growth got away from him in the lake. Just a few days ago he, got over everything. I have not been out so cannot talk first hand, but heard it looks good, as it always does. I have the intercom to get wired and there are plans to go do that this Saturday. Have some help coming so should not take us long. I am guessing he may be pumping by the weekend. He has spent many hours this summer pumping water off the crop land, North of the lake. I don’t remember just how many times he said he had run that pump, but something like 6 different times. Now when that happens it is not just a few hours, of pumping. Sometimes it is a week of around the clock, pumping

Before I forget it, come Sept 16, is Ralph and Dorothy 75th wedding anniversary. Got that feeling it is going to last don’t you. Can you believe it, that is a long time. Trying to organize a card shower. Their address is 820 Q Street, Tekamah Ne. 68061 I have some doubts you will find one that says 75 years on it, but find something. If you know others that know them and would send a card please pass this info on please. . Lets fill their mail box with cards.

Well check back and remember to keep the troops in your daily prayers

See Ya Carl

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