Sunday, December 04, 2011

After the storm, we are beginning to see birds

Well at least, we were seeing birds, today. Seen a few ducks early. I say a few but there were a hand full of huge flocks. But the exciting thing is, we are seeing many flocks, big and small flocks, of Canada's. Would have a hard time of guessing the number of flocks of these, the boss has logged into his book. Some have given us a look and some have not. Had one bunch that broke up into smaller bunches. Most of them we thought had settled into a field North of us and we were working on a couple smaller flocks, still in our area. Well we had a group of about 5 or 6, which we were going into action on, and when we went up, there was the big flock, bearing down on us. Action shut down after a couple of shots, but was too late. Put one DIP. The afternoon was filled with flock after flock, of all kinds of geese. Some give us a look, and some a serious look, but with no luck. We are guessing it is the snow, even though we have open water, there is a lot of snow.

The sun never come out as the weatherman had promised, but when some of the clouds thinned and the blue shown through, we were seeing Snows and Blues by the hundreds floating south. They must have been at least 10-15,000 feet up. They were just little shining dots.

Not much activity, but beat the hell out of yesterday. We didn't get any rain but had to have at least 6.5 inches of wet snow.

Remember the troops in your nightly prayers.

Hope is will be a shorter time before the next report, but please keep checking back

See ya Carl

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