Saturday, November 26, 2011

No 2 box day but a powder burning day never the less

We had wind, and strong when we loaded the pits this morning. We had, a pair of carp circle early, but no cigar.

At about 9:15 our action got underway. Had a flock, we had followed for several minutes as they pumped up against the strong, northwest wind for several minutes. They were all over this lake, but finely got in front of us, then sliding back right in front, low. Offering us a memorable 15-20 yd. shot. There had to be about 55 of them when the boss call the shot. When the smoke cleared there was 14 laying in the lake for sure. Still sure there could be a couple more in the fields. We will be looking for them. One great shot BOSS!!

Should have run some of them over the scales, but this is one of those days when you just don't spend time doing things like, weighing birds.

Another flock from the south. Should have harvested more but got at least 3 anyway. Plenty of geese on the move, but not getting as many to decoy as we should.

There are stories to be told but there was to much activity, to type. Total now is 26. Kill is down with the couple of shots out back of blind.

Wind is still up over 30MPH, but that leads to some picturesque decoying. Have to hurry your shooting when the birds are down wind of you, much better than no shooting.

I think I can classify this as a POWDER BURNING DAY. I don't think anyone has burnt up a box yet but I am sure there several very close.

We now have 30 of the big boys in the old game bag, plus a couple of Mallards.

No frowns when we closed up shop. Was a very exciting day. I can will also assure you that if we would have had a couple of the latter shots out in front instead of behind, the bag would have been much heavier. We had them down and in, but just behind the blinds and them they get away so fast rolling out with the wind. The first shot of the day spoiled us, because that flock had to escape right over the blinds, so they spent a couple of seconds getting closer to us before really escaping.

Say a prayer for the troops tonight, as always and also please check back.

See Ya Carl

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