Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Wednesday,  updating you, on the progress on the new setup.  Plans are to set,  the NEW BIG BLIND.  I am excited to see this thing.  It is high class plus.  First off we will have electricity in all the blinds, but please don't get the idea we will be able, to bring deep fat friers and electric skillets, but we will have lights, electric powered intercom, we can recharge your cell and stuff like that.
Today activities will include, burying a big propane tanks so you will longer be drafted to help lug 160 pound propane tanks around. Bet that is sounding good, to ya???
The new blind just arrived on site.  The over the road trailer is full of blind  First examination  from one end to the other, looks like it covers two time zones.  WOW, it looks better than I thought it would.  It looks exciting.  I can not disclose all the good features as yet, but there is plenty.  Will tell you there is a rear entrance in the middle, and a designated cooking area in the midpoint of the front.  Another, bragging feature, it is insulated.      
Now I have a message that Ralph has asked me to include, "To all of his old and all the new customers that may grace this new honey hole".  "The surface of the lake will be over 30 acres that are under water".  Just a little under what I had posted earlier, but you know to make a water hole look natural, as Ralph will insist on, and to get a dike around, on this 40 acre track, will shrink the lake size, some.  But we still have over 30 acres, and it looks exciting as I set here putting this posting, together.  He also want to say in his words.  "We have a very good location and the hopes and dreams have never been  higher". This new location is closer to town by 3-4 miles and except for about 1/4 mile, it is all hard surface road.  This is about 6.6 miles, from the cafe to the parking lot.
He also wants me to tell you, this years fees, are a little higher, because of the expense of the, lake set up and rent, and this new pitt,  etc, His yearly membership will be  $650.00 and the daily fees will be $75.00. The spring daily fees, will be a little higher also, than the fall fees, as in the past, but are still very competitive.  Especially when you consider Ralph's experience.  One of the biggest advantages, I see,  of this new setup is, we have no other hunting spreads with in  2 miles, north, south, east or west, but still in the migration path and feeding area, of the Canada's.  This lake on the high way just north of town, fills up with Canada's yearly, has to make for some exciting hunting.  I know you are thinking they will remember where we are at.  But you have to remember as they filter into our area rest a few days then move on.  We will be seeing different birds, all the time.  Then in the early season, as our locals, that stage there, should give us some excitement, too.  And they had a great hatch this year.
I am setting at home finishing this, and I have to decide what picture I am planning on post with this report.         
Both the blind and the propane tank are set.  Now pray that if we get some rain it is not a heavy rain.  The dirt needs to settle a little before we can handle a cob floater. 
As always please remember the troops, in your bedtime prayers. 
Also remember I am trying to keep you updated on the progress, of the birth of this new honey hole, so check back for updates. 
See ya   Carl

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