Wednesday, August 14, 2013


It is official. Ralph and others completed a agreement for some property to hunt on, and will be set up for the fall season. He just could not stand retirement. This is proof that 96 years old, is not to old to start a new adventure. This new setup will be more north than East of Tekamah. Me just guessing, on the directions, are as followed: 3.5 north 2.25 east a little bit south on your right. To our projected parking to Tailgators cafe is about 6.7 miles. We will have around 40 acres of ground under water. Will not go into the blind setup, you know as to, type, number, who built, etc, but it will be as good and maybe a little better than what we are used to. Will be looking north east. Projected to have electricity in the pits but limited on amperage. But no longer toting battery's around for the intercom and the blaster. There will not be telephone, cell service only, but at least you can now, charge your cell phone.
Flyway vision has never been better. Flyway for migrating Canada's and Whitefronts, will no longer wishing for a stronger west or northwest wind. Because we should be right in their path. No prediction on the ducks, because we would never, be able to see duck at the distance west of the south lake. Spring hunting of the Carp, should also be improved. The birds we seen in the past that come north, up the river and then turned west south of us and then pumped up west of us, all of these years, all should be in play this spring.
But the area is FLAT FLAT FLAT. Will try to post a picture. May have to set land marks so locating flocks can be accomplished. There is an old farm place on the east side of the north south road that may also serve as our parking spot. Have not got permission, for that to happen, as of this writing, and there are others, that are not quite as handy. But this farmstead, is still there to use as a landmark.
Another positive is: Goll's lake just north of town, for the past few years has served as staging area, for Canada's. This of course, our locals have staged there, and have served as the calling card, and starts them going in on the lake. Anyway the daily movement toward Blue lake east of Decatur and this new lake has to almost in line. The past few years this has been several thousand birds for the biggest part of the season as birds move in and rest then move on, south.
I know when ever I say something positive about something it goes south on us, but this place just looks to have so much potential, it has to happen. Especially with that many acres under water. That is one big calling card, and should be visible, for many, many miles.
To sum this up, Ralph is in need of members and of course day hunter also. So talk this up out there and send a few hunters this way. This is a costly venture for all parties involved in this setup. I know this is going to be a new experience to all of the old timers, but it can also an exciting experience too. In my survey, the state sent us this summer on the Canada season, I told them forget increasing bag limits, because that will never affect the Canada kill, unless you increase the season dates, so the season overlaps into the spring migration. I still feel that way, BUT there is the possibility that a 5 bird bag, may just come into play, on a couple days this fall. Still think a spring season would handle that problem better, but as you know the Feds will wait till it is a monster problem, before taking action.
Will try to post up dates as this project progresses.
Glup's started the dirt work 8-8-13 depending on weather they will be done in a few days. Some of the blinds are on site, but not all.
Please check back
See ya. Carl

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