Thursday, August 29, 2013


Well I am in need of updating you on the lake progress.  We have been very busy making it our new honey hole, just that, a good looking spot.  Hope you can see, some of the hard work we have done, by the different in appearance of LONGFELLOW, between the last posting and this picture I posted today.  This big blind I need to explain just a little, about it, and how it got here. 
Dax Delbert from the Fremont area, has hunted with us over the past few years, heard Ralph was building this new lake.  He, in his spare time,  was building this blind, and not near done, but he offered it to Ralph, to be placed on this new lake, if he could use it.  Ralph said okey.  So the pressure was placed on Dax to complete this jewel of his.   Well here is it today, things still to be done inside, but as pictured here, is blending into the shore line of our new hunting hole.  It will be a "comphy" hiding hole for many.  Not sure of all the amenities that will be in place, but I can tell you it will be warm.  This blind has about an inch of foam insulation sprayed on the outside.  Time will tell, but the way this top is design and constructed, we feel, the wind should not whip, or suck the heat out, either.  He has radiant heaters to keep our hunters warm, when needed.  For you that are not familiar with that type of heat, here is the advantage.  It warms the objects, not the air.  Compare this to the sun melting ice off a dark object on a day when it is way below 32°.  These heaters work the same way.  The objects then radiate to warn the air, but you are an object too, so you adjust the heat to your comfort.  Thank you Dax, you did good.
Well back to the lake, and what is done.  All blinds are buried, they, have been piped for the propane clear back to the tank.  No trencher either, all shovel.    All blinds have most of the intercom stuff in.  Again all shovel. The whole lake and the road, has been packed with a big packer, and 3-4 times in the killing zone.  Walking should be pretty easy in the lake, and on the road.  The area out side the newly constructed dikes, that make this lake, has been seeded.  A road has been built from the county road,  to the lake and out into the lake to the pits.  I also have to point out about these dikes.  First this dike circles the whole lake, all 360° of it.  There are drains that had to be placed in these dikes, to not only to drain the lake, but to handle over flow,  not only from a heavy rain, but also when we are keeping a water hole open, there is water that has to escape, then.  The Glup boys, GLUP CONSTRUCTION, are to be commended, for taking time out of their planed schedule, to do this project, the dirt work, also bury blinds, water line, and the propane tank.
The pump should be ready to pump the lake here in a couple of days.  There has been a eight inch pipe, (I spoke of before) buried up to our hunting area, to keep a water hole open, for our cold days of hunting.  And the list of small thing goes on and on.  Not saying we are ready to hunt, because we are not, but it is very rewarding, just look and see, just what a few workers have done in a very short time.  There are many to say "thank you to", but if I name them, I  am sure I would miss someone and I am sure there are some, I have not even heard about as of yet.  Can't speak for everyone, but there has been a few night when I hit the hay that I hurt all over, waking up feeling the same, the next morning.  But we continue,  knowing time is short to get everything that has to be done, so back to work.  I feel we are getting close, to be where we can hunt, come October 5th, because, we know, we will have a lake, we will have a place for you to set, and when it gets cold you will have, a water hole, heat, and a place to cook or warm, your meals.  This all has happened in less than 30 days, WOW, and I know there are thing I have not told you about.  But the boss has kept us organized and focused, as well as worked his butt off too, and we have Got-R-Done. 
Have to tell ya, the Boss got on the big packing machine, like they use, when building roads, and done the packing.  Bet that is the only 95 nearly 96, year old person, that machine, or any other packer, has ever had driving it for that many hours.  Sure he had to run it for 25-30 hours, all the time keeping a keen eye on us.  He is an amazing dude.  Was just to busy to take time to snap a picture.  Will kick myself, the rest of my life over that, you can bet.  That is something that I should have had, to post here.  Damn it!!!  Only excuse is, hind site is 20-20.
Well I best close this and post it.  But as always keep our troops in your prayers.  Also if the rush slows down a little will try to update you a little sooner next time.  So check back. Thank you and we will see ya.  

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