Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Well another week plus, has gone by, and their are things to report. It rained over night, I have a physical, so can't eat breakfast.  lets see if I can put something together this morning, I have even printed off my notes, to work off of. 
The big new blind is shaping up to be comfy hiding hole.  Dax brought the seats to his  blind, and they are really, nice seats.  The cushions came a couple days later. Dax and I started plumbing for radiant heaters last Saturday, and he brought along a couple, old cooking burners, to be installed, for the hunters to cook on.  I got then checked out and mostly plumbed in.
Our electrician, has got the power into Ralph's and Lyles blind.  Ralph has got most, maybe all, the decoys out.  And some of them, he has already move, and reset, a couple times.  We have had and still have birds in the lake.  As I was working out at the lake on Tuesday, as everyday,  it was hard to keep your mind on what you were doing.  The Canada's were very active, and was in and out of the lake all the time I was there.   Not really sure of what I was seeing and there is a good chance I was seeing some of the birds over and over again.  With me working, and my van there they were understandably nervous, so some would fly off.  Here is what I seen: There was three groups of three that landed in the decoys, then moved to the east side of the lake, and stayed there from about 9:30 until I left.  When I left there was two others that had joined them, that I had not, seen or heard come in.  There is a chance they were there when I come out, or could have been a couple that had landed, and move, and I didn't see them swim there.  They all left Wednesday morning, when Ralph and Dorothy come out, just about daylight.  Largest number of geese,  that was chased off, was Monday, the 16th.  Ralph says he and Dorothy scared up a flock of 35 and a flock of 5, when they drove in.  That is exciting.  Sure there are over a hundred ducks, calling the lake home  Not all  little ducks either.  I have not glassed them out but the boss has and report's, there are even some green heads out there.  Have to believe they are all locals, I am sure all the geese are locals too, but I was not aware of any local Mallards.  Sure you know, it would not be unheard of for some Mallards to hatch out on the river.      
Last Thursday I fired up the intercom.  Was nice to just plug a cord into a recp. and turn on a switch.  No batteries to get set in.  Can't get over the thought of the no-no's this year.  No batteries to be charging and carrying in and out and no propane bottles to fill and carry in and drop into a hole.  No tanks to get to town, to be filled, and returned to the lake.  I know they were not daily chores, but none the less they were duties, we had to handled and that took time energy, and the organization, to keep the place running, as smooth as possible.    
Everyone that comes out to the lake and looks it over, are impressed as what had happened on that farm, in just over month. We got started August 8th or 9th.  Not celebrating yet, and saying we got it done, but the end is in sight.  As i reported above, I am working in the big blind now. 
The other day I had a request to come up with 911 address of the new lake.  Well I knew you went to CR "K" north on Hy 75, but there was no sign telling me what the county road, number of the north-south road was.  Playing with the map program on my I Pad Sunday morning, (I did not work Sunday) I find this road is, CR 39.  I also find out, unless there has been a 911 addresses issued, my GPS will not find that location.  We are parking at an old farm stead, just East of the lake, and there is a 911 address sign still there.  That number is "1075".  With my GPS, if I feed in "1075 CR 39, Tekamah, Nebraska", that will direct me to the lake.  Since I can, take a picture of what is on my screen on my I Pad, plans are to set up a map to the lake from town and post it here.

As always, please keep the troops in your prayers, this evening and please check back.  Hunting is about here. 
See ya.   Carl

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