Tuesday, October 01, 2013


This story has been written about a dozen times, supposed to have been posted 3-4 times, but it has been rewritten again for today. 
Well Saturday is the 5th, this is the day we have been working hard for, getting everything ready for.  Everything may not be done, but it is near enough done that we can hunt.  So the next business will be getting you there for the first morning.
Legal shooting time is 6:56 for us.  We will using Tekamah sunrise time.  We are west of the Tekamah airport.  I have talked to Ralph and we are leaving the Cafe at 6:00 Saturday morning.  To find departure time you can always use the old rule of thumb, of 1.5 hours before sunrise.  This gives us an hour, to drive to the parking lot, haul you to the blinds, make decoy adjustment if necessary, park the truck, and walk back to the pits.   Now remember we can shoot one half hour before sunrise.
There are allot of things new this year, for us.  So asking your patients and help, especially on Saturday morning. 
Again this year on Sunday morning, we will be meeting at Buddies Mini Mart.  They have a pretty complete breakfast menu. But otherwise at Tailgator's cafe, just north of the big white bank.  They are open by 5:00 in the morning.  As always if eating, allow time for them to cook, serve, and you eat it.  Also remember you are not the only meal, that is being served.  What I am saying don't walk in 10 minutes before our departure time and expect to have time for your breakfast.  They are pretty fast but there is a limit.
FYI, Buddies are not the fastest with their service.  Remember that on Sundays.
As I said not everything is not done, but we are so we can hunt.  The new blind, has got most everything done except for a couple of heaters, but don't feel that will be a problem for a few weeks yet.  This week Dax and his dad, have installed the kitchen.  Really adds to the place.  Pretty fancy blind.  I feel honored, to hunt it this fall. 
Would be so nice, if on Saturday, we could have a good hunters wind, and it sounds as if there is a great chance of this happening.  No rain in the forecast.  Maybe a few clouds.  A wind out of the north of above 15mph, would be so nice.  A blind cooked noon meal, life is good.  
Reminders, waterfowl stamp and HIP number.
Not the best posting but, I just can't fine the words I was wanting.  But I do have the word to remind you, to remember the troops, in your daily prayers, and check back for what I hope,  will be more interesting post.
See ya.  Carl 

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