Saturday, September 07, 2013

The Lake is Pumped

Saturday, September 7.  WE ARE TAKING THE WEEK END OFF FROM SLAVING. Well any way I am.  The boss don't ever stop, I  think he is touching up some decoys. 
It has been about a month since we started this project.  What has be accomplished in such a short time is amazing.  Material has arrives to get started on the, wiring of the blinds.  Some he done yesterday and I am sure it will be completed in the next week. The lake is pumped, there are ducks flying in and out, and things are about ready to go.  But when you think it was about 30 days ago this lake, was a hay field, and today if we were forced we could hunt there today.  We have another four weeks, to apply the frosting to this cake, that we have stirred up.  Maybe I am not the one to ask, but I can not see how the place could look any better.  It is looking so good that the boss just had to go get some decoys and set them out.  I know he will not be happy until he sees some birds setting with them, but it will happen. 
Yesterday we seen some Canada's, maybe a dozen, fly over and they did not circle, so that has got him concern.  This was before he set the decoys so that may have been, some of the reason he set the decoys.  Sure it is needless to say, but right now, he is just like a teenager, if a bird passes there has to be something wrong with what he has done.  Well I am here to tell you they are going to decoy to this lake, and as you and I know, if they decoy, he will figure a way to get the shot.  The ducks are having no problem with the lake.  What I am seeing they love it.
This is going to be short, but I can not help it, but yesterday morning when I arrived at the blinds, our maker, ol' Sol, and clouds, had team up and had painted another picture, that I just had to snap.  So sorry, but I have to post another sunrise. Hope you enjoy 
Well remember to check back, and also please keep the troops in your bed time prayers. 
Feel free to come look at the new Kohler lake.  But if it is muddy do not drive to the blinds.
See ya.     Carl     

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