Friday, March 07, 2014


We think we are ready to start the spring season.  Boy oh boy what a winter, not to much snow but it was a cold one.  But the last couple three days. we have had some sunshine and temps above the freezing mark.  Just before this we had a couple snows that maybe totaled 5-6 inches.  But is was so light and fluffy, no moisture in it at all.  
But the way it stands right now we will going to the pits on Saturday the 8th of March.  Departure time, the cafe is 5:30.  Now then Sunday will be the day that DST kicks in.  So departure time will be 6:30.
Sunday we will meet at Buddies.  They have a full breakfast, but the following two Sundays we have a bigger group, so thinking Flo will open for us.  Hope that is so because Buddies are a little slow on their service and with a crowd don't feel she will get is served.  So let's leave it, if Tailgators is not open, we are at buddies. 
While working at the lake Friday morning we had two very promising flock over us.  One flock even decoyed, then decided to venture on.  
Well we are open, and the season is a short one so if planing on a hunt best be making a phone cal or drop a line to me.  Should have my MIFI working and the pad at the blind.  Ralph will have his cell so you can call him too. 
Well hoping I have a post tomorrow,
See ya and as always remember the troops, in your evening prayers


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