Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The Skies had some birds today

Well I have finely have something to write about. As you know only the duck season is open. So with just one bird legal to harvest the interest in hunting is down. The phone don’t even ring much. Until this morning we had harvest only one bird. Now for the critic, out there, “The Boss” will not shoot in any flock where there is a Woodies or a Spoonie,. Well this time a year that almost rules out all shots. Those Spoonie’s die easy and I get credit for all that fall and I refuse to try to change his mind. Well today there was evidence of new birds moving into the area. Seen 5 or 6 flocks of just Pintails, and we seen a few other flocks of bigger ducks. We had only two shooters this morning and we had 3 go-a-rounds. Doubled the season harvest in nothing flat. Was very exciting between legal shooting time and about 8:00. I think I used up about 4 shells. I have been trying to shoot with both eyes open, due to the suggestions of my eye surgeon. So there is big efforts put into this new task. You know the old phrase you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, and I fit into that bracket. On one go-a-round I felt good on my shots but I checked with the other shooter and he said he was shooting the same area I was so not sure if there was success or not. Know that my ability of claiming has not fell off, since last season. Got my share this morning.

Also was an increase in the Canada’s sightings today. That is an important note with that season opening this Saturday. The Boss is excited about the prospects of harvesting a few more of those old dudes this fall. He has opened the lake up some and thinks they are going to be flying by in the “Kill Zone” Low and Slow. Well let that happen and the “Grinders” that hang around out there, will put the hurt on them, big time. As we walked in this morning there was a flock that got up off the pond.

Shot some pictures of a great sunrise this morning too. Will not bore you with that pictures but just have to let you know we had a great one, today.

As usual, I ask you for a prayer for our troops. Today I am asking you to expand that just a little. Two of our fellow hunters, are having a tough time of it, as I write this. Ed Ward from Omaha, wrote me a note telling he has been having some problems since July, and may not make it out this fall. Ed was always a joy to have in the pits. A couple three years ago we had an shot where we never killed a bird out of a small flock of Canada’s and I properly referred to Ed in that nights report as, THE CRUSTY OL’ DUDE WITH THE CLICKTY CLACK. Ed, Get them Dr. working on finding the right meds and get back out there. We will get you to the pits and out, no worry about that. The other one is Fred, Fred is from Wisconsin. He too made the day fun. Fred come out with BIG TOM, so I know that will make many of you readers, know who I am talking about. Tom Called and said Fred is suffering with an advanced case of cancer. So along with the troops please include these two in your prayers every day.

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