Wednesday, December 05, 2007

First I have to tell you that I fell asleep in my chair and that is why, there was no report last night.

The action was very slow at the pits and we took only a couple of ducks. We did see two of flocks of geese that looked us over, but could not get them into range.

Today’s action was also slow. With this storm coming in you would have thought there would have been some feeding in the area. It appeared, that there was no frenzy of feeding, that we seen today. Did see some ducks in the area that looked like they were looking for a field to feed in. Also did get into on small flock of ducks and harvested a couple of ducks and also got into a flock of 5 or 6 Canada’s, taking 3.

Please excuse me for such a short article tonight, but with the tragedy in Omaha this afternoon, writing is far from my thoughts. So tonight please include the people of Omaha in your prayers as well as the troops, in your bed time prayers.

See ya Carl

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