Monday, December 03, 2007

Today was slow by yesterdays standards, but yesterday will always make everyday slow. I have to say thanks, to you, that have E-Mailed me and have call Ralph and told him congratulations, on the day. It was truly an unbelievable day.

Have some other unfinished business, that takes us back to Saturday. We hunted for a couple of hours on Saturday in the rain and ice, Kevin shot one snow goose out of the decoys.

Also before I get started on today’s hunt, I have some outstanding number to give you. We compared notes (Ralph, Kevin and I) and we came up with two totals for you to run over. In the past 8 days and that includes today, we have harvested 233 or 236 Canada’s.
We can not agree on the total kill on just a couple of days. But take either total and it is quite impressive total form a Monday to the next Monday.

Now to today’s story. It started off with two big flocks, that we got into and we thought we were in for another unbelievable day. We were short on hunters, therefore we knew we were not going to log big numbers again, but had visions of limiting out, for the few guys we had. Both early go-a-rounds were before we should be seeing geese, let alone getting into them. One flock we had birds, land in the water, when the shot was called. I had seen three, go into the water, but thought that was all and left them for blind No. one. I went on birds that was a hard shot and did not score, but others took advantage of the easy shots. The other shot was up over the top of the blind, and it was plenty close. We took 6 out of one flock and the other we took 5. Both shots we should have scored better, even if we only had 7 smoke poles.

Also had a flock of ducks in the afternoon. I was cleaning my shotgun when they decoyed in. The harvest was not to good there either with only one coming down. On the duck side, we did see some ducks coming off the river, and looked as if were coming North to feed. Now both flocks were big flocks of over 100 birds, and this is something we have not seen for the past couple of seasons. Being we are talking about feeding birds I should also tell you that we had a flock of 100 plus Canada’s pass over, that had just got out of a field and they had mud and corn stalk leaves, stuck to their feet. Though that would make them interested in our water hole but did not give us a look.

Better close this and get it posted, so please say a prayer for the troop again tonight.

See ya Carl

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