Sunday, December 02, 2007

A record day on Canada's

Today we started out with a sharp Northwest wind, and before the hunting got started the fog moved in as well as a snow storm. We were getting reports from west of us that it should be clearing but the snow kept falling. Then there was a report once the snow moved out that the sky was filled with ducks. But the snow kept falling. Hunters were feeding info into there cell phones to get a radar picture of our area, and we were on the back side of the storm, but the snow kept falling. The blinds were getting wet even if we were under the covers, but with the wind it was still blowing in and melting. Just the setting made you cold, as you pried into the gray clouds hoping for some sign that the storm was passing. At about 10:30 the snow let up and the sky started to clear. Then in a few minutes there were shouts there is some ducks, and there is another flock, then we got into a little flock and put 4 drakes in the pond.

The sky’s were clearing and there was shouts of “look at that high flock of Snows and Blues , and there is a flock of Canada’s”. But everything was passing us by. Then some one predicted that we were going to bag 24 Can. Another said we were going to bag 30. and others made their prediction, so I had to make one. Since there is nothing I can predict that plays out with this screwed up season, I said 2 Canada’s. Right now I want to tell you know one was close to the end tally.

We had a nice flock that decoyed but flew out and the Boss said “the decoys are not set right”, pointed out that know self respecting flock would, set on the ice covered with snow, in that pattern. So he went out and made his voodoo adjustment, and moved about 6 decoys. Now this was about 10 minutes before 12:00 noon. Well the 12:08 flock was just a little late and showed up at about 12:18. We had two flock that were looking our spread over and decided to make the Boss look good, and prove Ol’Carl wrong, about this voodoo move. They got down wind on two different levels and made one beautiful approach into our spread. When the smoke cleared we had 9 D I P. Got them picked up and back into the pits when another two flocks showed up and give us another spectacular decoy in job and we took 15 out of that flock. That was followed by another go-a-round and took another 9. Now this was 33 birds, in just about 45 minutes.

Now this is getting to where we have a bird for everyone to take home, and you know that most will be leaving, with a good feeling, about the days hunt. Again I have to remind you, with the wind where is was, and blowing like it was, most of this beautiful decoying was in full view of everyone. The Boss kept saying “lean back and don’t move” but you could do this and still see most of the action and they dropped in and come up through our ‘no fly zone’ and into range of our smoke poles. I can’t say just how many times this happened, but enough time that all hunters went home with more that any one bird.

Before I can give you the final tally I have to tell you of one more flock. I have this love hate, feeling about the little Cacklers. They are always messing up a good shot on the big Canada’s, and seem to dominate them when they are flying together. Well we had a flock of 150 those little SOB, along with about 25 Big Canada’s that decoyed in. All the chirping of them little bastards, along with the sweet sounds of the big Canada, plowing up through the ‘no fly zone’. Now remember the boss has hunters in 6 pits today, and is wanting to get everyone a great shot. He let 6 great big Canada’s pass close enough to him and I that we could clubbed them with a pool que, they were followed with another 50 birds in range of our guns. He was waiting for, when there were more big boys in range, of other guns, then he give the command to TAKE’em. Well we places 26 birds in the pond on of that go-a-round. There were birds all over the lake.

Well the total for the days shoot is a record day for Canada geese. The old record was set a few years back before I had retired, at 60 some birds. Well we passed that by over a dozen and half and finished with 80 birds. We needed one more bird for a limit for everyone. Just think of that, 27 hunters going home with a limit of dark geese.

Well I have to close this. The pictures shows some of the retrieving of today. Most of the time they were hard water retrieves but some were in the water too.

Say a little prayer for all our great Hero’s tonight, and please check back

See Ya Carl

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