Sunday, December 09, 2007

I don’t know if this is a summery of the season or not. We received another snow storm over night and it sounds like there is another tomorrow night.

There should of have been other reports posted but I have been playing lazy. It is also very hard to write about a days hunt when you have harvested, just a couple of birds, after the bonanza we had last Sunday. I guess I should have taken a picture of the pile of birds, because I thought there would be people offended of me posting such a picture. If I would have had a picture I would have been tempted to post it. Well I have had so many E-Mails for such a picture I requested some one to mail me such a picture. So I am including that picture from 12-02-07. Another good reasons for me posting this picture, is that this is positive proof, that I do get out on the lake every once in a while.

There may be a few birds missing in this picture because there were some hunter that had to leave and they and taken their birds with them. But it still is a big pile. This is taken from behind of the blinds looking over the blinds and on to the no fly zone. The boss is saying we had 79, but others say there were 80, but by either count it was a great shoot. As you can see in the back ground there is a couple of inches of snow, and we have picked up another 6 to 7 more inches since then. This is the end of talking about Sundays shoot.

As for the past couple of days, they have been hard hunting with all the snow and the cold weather. Then when the skies are also void of birds it makes it just a little harder to hang in there. Friday we seen several flocks of geese, and many are still the little Cackler’s with just a few big Canada’s flying with them. This combo as you know is very hard to decoy, so if is also frustrating, because you have to try, and all the time know very well you are going to fail.

The toughest part has been to go out to the pits and knowing you are not going to see any ducks. We still are receiving report that there are thousand of Mallards north of us yet, and we can not see a good flock of them. I think we have shot one on both Thursday and Friday and two on Saturday. We have loved the ice hole shooting for years on Mallards, and the past few years that has been just a memory. The duck season closes here on this next Sunday, and all report are the ducks have not pushed south yet. We are thinking there is no ducks, but how do you argue with the positive reports.

Remember all the troops in your prayers always. Also remember those that are affected by this mess in Omaha, in your prayers also

See Ya Carl

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