Thursday, December 20, 2007

This should have been posted a couple of days ago, but I have been having some major sewer problems at my house and have not had time to put a new posting together.

With all the snow we have on the ground and more in the forecast, Ralph asked me to tell you he is shutting down for the fall season. We have had a couple of good days on ducks and some great days, where the harvesting of the “big ol’ boys” was truly, a couple of dream days. For those that were there no Dec 2, 2007, the day, will live in your memory forever, I am sure.

I have not got any totals put together, and how they compared to my predictions, but I had the Snows and Blues in on that, so will try to give all the numbers at the closing to that season of that. I do know the ducks, I missed big time, because we never had a Mallard day all fall. The Canada’s, we may have not hit that either, but I had that set high. It was a good year on them (Canada’s) anyway. Then the boss out of action for a week too, and that hurt the totals also. So I have excuses, for not reaching my predictions.

Using our grandfathers for predicting the weather, we may be in for a long spring hunt. We have been have our share of fog in this area, this is putting some snow in our area around the middle of March, and that is also Nebraska’s big snow month. So maybe, we will get two or three go-a-rounds on them. Where they go north and get pushed back and then have to head back north. This blind setup this year, was put together with the spring hunt in mind. The boss says we should harvest near 1000, if they come back this way. Start stocking up on shells, or at least saving your nickels so you can buy some. Your going to need them for the spring.

So with all that out of the way. Everybody, please have a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year. Also please remember all our Service Men and Women in your prayers each every night.

Good Lord willin, I will be back on with some post before the spring season kicks into action, giving you some idea as to when, Ralph will be start hunting again.

See Ya Carl

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