Tuesday, December 08, 2009

When is the Fat Lady going to sing???

Need to bring you up to date on our activity here in Burt County Ne. Have been a little lazy in posting. For instance, there was a big swan, come floating in the other day and took up residence in the Big Foot decoys. I took a couple of pictures, but I have just a cheap camera and it was so far away, and no telephoto so not worth posting. He had to stand at least 3’10” high. Maybe over 4 feet. He was big and I can’t spell the words that I should be using, to describe this bird. We had to get out for a bathroom break, and he got nervous and moved on. Sure makes me want to get a better camera.

On Sunday we had some geese slip in on us late in the day and we took 4 out of that flock. Was chilled to the bone when I come in, so after the trip to the tub I got in my chair, covered up with a couple of blankets and fell asleep, with out posting the news. Am having a little problem, keeping my legs warm this fall. Never had a problem staying warm, if I kept my neck and shoulders warm before. Today I put on some insulated bibbies I had while still employed with the gas company I wore a couple of times before. Was shocked as to how much they had shrunk, just hanging the closet.

Monday was a day with out any action. There was some movement, early in the morning but did not get a shot.

Today, we were out, till about 9:30. The snow was beginning to fall pretty heavy, before we called it quits. Had one big Canada drop in and we put an end to his south bound trip.

As for the next couple of days, I not sure how to advise. I know Wednesday we are not even going out, until the snow and wind go down. So I am saying if heading this way, Thursday, best give the boss a call. Sounds like by the reports, we may have a big mess to get cleared before hunting. With the snow blowing into, our open water , this will slush up the water and that has to be cleared before hunting can continue.

The question is “Is the Fat Lady tuning up”?? I am sure I can hear her, but there is a huge amount of birds still North. Reports are there is a million plus ducks and that is just in the Chamberlain area. Easy to see why they are there, because these storms are not hitting there. My question will they come our way or will they drop down through the Rain Water Basin area.

Well check back when I have a better idea as to what is going to happen. All I know is we will be assessing what to do early Thursday and getting back into the blinds.

I will see if anyone sends me a picture of the Swan, I will post if I get it.

Remember the troops in your bed time prayers, as always

See Ya Carl

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