Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Are we starting a new string, lets hope

Well it was not the day we thought we would have, but is was better than some days. We seen about 50 flocks of high ducks and had a couple work our spread. We did get into one flock taking 4 out of it. Now lets put numbers to these numbers. I know we never seen every flock that passed in eye sight of our pits, but sure we seen most of them. But it sounds like we seen a ton of ducks today, but not really. Lets say there was an average of 30 birds in each of those 50 flock, that is a mere 1500 ducks. There has been days in the past years, when we would see 3 to 5 flocks with more birds than that in each flock. Back in those day we were told we were short on birds and there was a point system, and far less than a 5 birds daily bag. Still getting reports of big numbers north, but I want to be proved that there are birds, that the feds are claiming.

Not many Canada’s moving today either. I am guessing there may have been 8 to 10 high bunches, and we got into them only one time today. Took 4 out of a small flock of 6, so that was far short to what we were expecting to see today also.

Was a little cool today in the pits with the wind, but it beat the heck out of working a job. May have been warmer working but cold and hunting, is not all that bad. Nose is a little sore, but refuse to complain. Will be there tomorrow, and loving it.

Best get this posted, and work on tomorrows lunch, so please say a little prayer for our troops tonight, including their families at this holiday season.

See ya and check back


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