Friday, December 04, 2009

And the string continues

It was cold but warm in the pits today. The outside temp was damn cold and kept the pits on the cool side today. However we got into the big boys today making our total for 11 days at an even 10, per day. Had one day when we did not take any, but with yesterday and a flock coming right up over the pits, offering us a belly shot, brought our total up to 110. That made the blinds, a lot warmer.

Was one odd sunrise this morning. Was after a bottle of propane, at the time so did not have my camera. a couple of guys took pictures at the blind and they have promised me a copy so may post it at a latter date. I can not describe, so you will have to wait on it.

Again, where are the ducks? You can see more ducks in the summer than we are seeing. Took two Mallards today. Almost passed on them, thinking they were fish ducks. A quick check of the book and realized they were worth the work to get them in and took them. Here on Dec 4 and the only flock of ducks you get close to is a big flock of two. There were not many ducks migrating today either. Was a report of over 1.2 Million in So. Dakota, but that has to be proved to me, before I believe it.

Have to answer some E-Mails so must close.

Keep the families of the service personnel in your prayers, tonight and all through the Holidays

See Ya and please check back


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duckhunter5 said...

I hunt out in waterloo and we had about 700 mallards circling a corn field just south of us and about 200 from another buch came 70 yards high over our pond. also lots of big boys flyin around about 3 or 4 hundred.