Thursday, December 03, 2009

Cold but a fun day

Was a cold blustery day in the pits today. Again I must say there are no ducks. We took two or three today. Boy, That is embarrassing, when that is all the ducks you could harvest on Dec. 3rd.

Was a fun day though. We got into Canada’s I think 3 times today. Totaled out at 20 and a couple of Cacklers. They were tough to get in, because we had birds almost all day. And then to shoot a Canada in that wind was something else too. But sure glad I was there.

The Snows and Blues were on the move almost all day long. At almost any time you could look up and see the web like formations floating high in the sky. Where we seen Canada’s by the hundreds, we seen the S&B’s by the thousands. Did we decoy any of them, Yes almost got into them too. Also was driven crazy by a flock of Cacklers. Those little bastards all need killing. They drive you crazy by themselves and almost always screw up a shot on Canada’s

Should say, there were some big birds were taken again today. Didn’t run any across the scales, because we didn’t want to linger out of the blind but there was some big ones. I think today brought the number up to about a 100, for the past 10 days. Just one or two short. Been a great shoot for the past few days. We need a few more to get the totals up a little.

Need to get in the Tub and then get some sleep because there is going to be another good day tomorrow. Have not said it yet this year so here goes. I wouldn’t miss tomorrow for nuttin.

Remember the men and women that serve our country in your prayers tonight, and please check back.

See Ya Carl

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