Friday, December 11, 2009

HAS SHE SANG?? We are going out to see Saturday

Need to up date you. Saturday 12-12-09 we will give it a try. Have been to the pits and it is possible to get there. Parking lot is not in the best of shape but, it will work. The drive to the blind is a little exciting, but the blinds are not full of snow. We have checked!! There is some water and if there is something that comes along, it will work. No word on the numbers of birds, North or in the area. Has the Fat Lady sang???? We will find out.

There is a possibility that we will hunt through the week end but if you are hunting Please call Ralph, to make sure he knows you are coming.

Was quite a blow, but almost every field has enough bare ground where the birds could feed if they would look. Did not see any tracks at the lake. But the snow is so hard that maybe a goose would not make a track, and there is less snow north so there could be some migrating activity too.

See Ya Carl

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