Friday, November 30, 2007

Another brisk, cold day in the pits, with a northwest wind. The only thing different with this day, and the northwest wind, this time we harvested some birds. In another words we burnt some powder. I think we were into the big boys at least 6 times today. We never, did a great job of shooting, on any flock but just burning up the powder if what most get excited about. Also the bird were just a little different today, they appeared to be just a little nervous. There were flocks that were down into our spread that we didn’t get a shot at. Don’t know if they were unsure if the ice was thick enough to hold them or was it the fact there was some moisture in the air. Never the less, getting a great shot was not in the cards, for us today. As I said, we had some birds in on at least 6 times and we made the best of what we got. Finished off the day with 19 big ones, in the ol’game bag at days end.

There was not a shortage of birds either, except for the Mallards. There was plenty of Canada’s and the Snow and Blues was flock after flock, at times. Some were very, very high, and then there was some that would have been in the decoying height, in years past.

Sure would be fun, for this old man, to just one more time, to have a fair size flock, give us the look we have seen. I got started waterfowl hunting back in the early 70’s that was the bird you went to Kohler’s for. It was so much fun, to watch them turn back in the wind and just stand there, checking out every thing, before they would start to let down. Some time they would do their thing and tumble (corn shuck), sometimes they come in quiet, not saying anything and the next time they would all be talking. I know we get to see some of this stuff in the spring now, but it is not the same as it was back then, when you had to call them in and not a machine doing the calling, with that you can’t hear them talking back.

Thought I got a picture of Lyle’s dog on a retrieve, of a big Canada, but for some reason, I didn’t, so you have to look at another sunrise, from the pits.

Better get this posted So say a little prayer for the troops tonight

See Ya Carl

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