Friday, March 05, 2010

Is spring here, or what??? It has been quite the winter. Have been getting inquiries as to whether or not we are opening for the spring season. YES WE ARE. R K had to get a big bulldozer out to open the road so we could get to the pits or lake, to get thing ready. Well we got out there and have tidied up the pits a little, and have got the decoys set, but I have not got the Blaster in as of yet. Will get that done in the morning, if the rain holds off.

I am just guessing but I would say we will be making daily appearances about Monday the 8th. Have not seen many birds yet if any. Monday we were working out there and spotted 5 white birds over the west lake. At the time we passed them off as snows, but since then we seen another flock of 6 and with glasses they were ID as Swans. So this makes me think they were swans too. Here is my reasoning: Number 1: is why were there 5??? I understand that these birds are pared up this time of year so we should have had 6 birds. So say if one lost it’s mate, I don’t think that bird pushes on north, with the breeders. I have the feeling it falls back and migrates with the non breeders. Other than that the only other geese we have seen have been dark geese.

Have been getting many reports starting on Wednesday of ton and tons of S&B’s moving into the Hasting - Grand Island area. Got a couple report today, they are moving into the Lincoln area. Have not had a report from a source that I trust yet, so am not taking those report to serious.

I know I will have my E-Mail full if I don’t tell you that the approximate time we are leaving town will be about 5:30. It is going to be a muddy mess so ware tall boots. There is going to be mud until, the snow melts, frost is gone and couple of warm sunshiny days with some wind.

Have more prep work to get done so must close this. As always, please remember the troops in your Prayers every night. Also please check back

See Ya Carl

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