Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Things are looking up, at the ol’ pond. No wind early, but hope began to “filter in” when the wind come up, and then the most amazing thing happened. This old man, with his new artificial ears, heard Specks before anyone else did. Now it has been years since I heard birds in the distance, so this was exciting for me. Well I got everyone alerted to the fact, there were Specks in the area and then we had four split off. Soon we had them decoying into the lake. Took some time to get them all picked up but we manages to find them all, even though one fell in the standing corn. Great job, on the part of Lyle , Keith, and Lyle’s dog. Specks are such a Trophy to us, that it is a shame to have one down and not find it, so this was the icing on the cake to get them all picked up.

Were seeing just a few ducks. So many reports of the big number of them this fall and here it is almost November, and we have not seen any number of any kind, of ducks. We have a promising weather change, starting tomorrow, so we are excited about tomorrow. Why I would not miss tomorrow for nuttin.

I should have reported that we seen 4 nice flocks of Specks yesterday, so seeing some today was not a surprise. We anticipated, we would be seeing some today and was hoping we would have wind when they showed up. As I pointed out above, things worked out in our favor.

I am trying to find a I-Pad to do the report on in the blind, so have to cut this short and start to study Craig’s list again.

So remember all the troops in your bed time prayer tonight and please check back and hope it is a even more exciting report, than this one.

See ya Carl

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