Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cooler air is moving in

It is midweek and have not up dated this for a couple of days. We have been getting something almost everyday but nothing big so I just don’t get in the mood to write.

Neither the geese or ducks, are moving into Burt County, like you would think they would. I know we been having days and night more like summer than fall so why would, the migration start?? As for what we are seeing. Some teal and some of them are green wing, a few pintails, a few flocks of Specks, hardly any Canada’s, and really way less flocks of Cormorant’s, than you would think we should. Tomorrow the forecast is for much cooler air temp. and this season first North West wind. We are ready for it.

Today we did kill the first Canada’s for the season. Had 3 come in and got two. Lack of a crew, aging eyes, and early season jitters, allowed one to escape with no wounds inflicted. As for the ducks, I think we did pass the 20 bird number for the season, today. A few years ago that mark was hit, before the first hour passed for the year. We are hearing that just a few miles north of us, they are seeing way more birds than we are. Guessing they are staying on some of the bodies of water left by the flood. R K received a call from a hunter that is hunting in Canada, today. They are seeing tons and tons of birds and having one fantastic year. So we know they are on the way, because this guy lead us to believe they are just getting in the area where he is hunting and that is late, for there too.

Best close this, so remember the troops in your bed time prayers, and please check back.

See Ya


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