Monday, October 31, 2011

The new era

Well, we are entering into an new era on this blog. I have received my iPad and will, try writing the blog from the blind. This is new for me, so go easy on me for a few days. I know there has been a couple days lately that I have not posted when I should have. No geese killed but a few ducks have. See I have had my head into this new machine, and put you off.

As, I said, we had harvested a few unreported ducks, but I am not saying, there has been any big movement of ducks. There has been a few Specks moving, so guessing that migration is getting close to it's end. However we did hear a couple of flocks yesterday morning.

Mid morning, we got into a nice bunch of gadwall, harvested 5, not bad for being short on gunners today. Earlier we got into another pair. I know the totals are not that good for almost November, but today was looking much better than the past few has

The next challenge is to be able to post this so best get on that. So remember the troops in your bed time prayers, tonight

Also please check back, it just has to get better.

See ya Carl

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