Thursday, October 13, 2011

An exciting day

Was a good day to set in the blinds at the South Lake. Before legal shooting time, through most of the morning we were seeing cormorants, in huge flocks. Some of the flocks were into several hundreds, maybe over a thousand. Early it was not uncommon to be able, to see, maybe 8-12 flocks at the same time, making their way down the river. At that time we had no wind, and the lake was glass smooth. We just have to wonder how many we seen. Along with the cormorants, were a few ducks. We did harvest a few ducks with very little wind.

But the real beauty came, after we got some wind. Some one said “Canada’s” and I pass the word on to the boss, and then checked out the sky. Just as I picked up the bird, I seen a sight, that I am sure I will remember the rest of my life. To see Canada’s, come in with their feet down, has always got to me. Well this time I was looking at this lone old boy, just as he brought his feet from the fly position to the land position, What a sight.

We were into Canada’s three times today, and they all decoyed in just as the boss had lead me to believe they would. That sounds like we had a big day, but it was a big day for this season. Not many birds around but we harvested 4 big boys and 9 ducks, and for what the start of the season for the past few years, that is a great day. Also we had two bands on the legs of two of these birds.

Forecast is for wind from the North West again tomorrow, so I would not miss it for nuttin.

Have some work to get done before morning so have to close. Remember the troops tonight, as always, and please check back, the reports are going to be good.

Keep forgetting to tell you we are leaving the cafe at 6:15, now for a while

See Ya


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