Saturday, October 22, 2011

It is warm and slow

Needing to update you. Nothing is to exciting going on. The weather has been just to warm for a migration to get under way. Almost the first of Nov. and we have not had a real killing frost as of yet. Temp. are forecast to be in the 70 in a couple of days, again.

I have been a little lazy or depressed and have not posted, all of the activity I should have posted. A few days ago we did kill a couple of loaners and today we killed another. Boy it is hard to get excited over a loaner, but this morning we had not seen a goose for a couple of days, and one come flying over. He almost acted like he was lonesome , when our choir, went to work. He turned around on a dime and floated towards the decoys. We stopped him a little short, of his destination. We have also harvested a few ducks, but nothing to be excited about.

We did see another flock of geese, high. Did not get a good ID on them but think they were Specks. Was also a few ducks around early this morning, which is also a little different , than it has been. We did not get any of them to give us a good look.

Have to get my head back in the football game, so please keep the troops in your prayers, tonight and every night.

Please check in again and we will see ya


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