Thursday, March 15, 2012

Was a little more normal today

I will try to catch you up on the past few days. the last posting I had stated, that we had harvested 6 birds. Well most everybody, had gone home. but there were a couple stuck around. they were rewarded with a shot. They took two more, bring the days total up to 8. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, each day we took a bird each day. Today i had to leave the blinds, early again. But when I left, at about 1:00 they had 5 in the bag. Had two go-a-rounds. shooting was not the best, but i can not say anything, because I never do good on that shot.
Do have to say we have had some great sunrises, these past few days. With the fog almost daily, or maybe I should call it River Haze, because the air temp has been so warm, but it has been a producer of some great sunrises. Just have to include one this evening.
I best get this posted, so please send a little prayer to all the young hero, that are serving our nation. Also please check back.
See Ya Carl

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