Saturday, March 10, 2012


Has been just a little slow in the pits for the past few days. A couple of days that have not been reported. Thursday; There were plenty of birds but we just could not get them to finish for a good shot. The Boss called a couple long shots that proved not to be to successful. In my mind he was feeling that us shooters felt that we could kill those birds. Well either they were to far as he says, or we are not to good of shots. Maybe it was both, but we only killed two. Friday; Tons of birds, and they flew for hours. I am not stretching it much when I say the airlines don't fly that high. We could only see the snows, as tiny white dots. There were string after string. Quite the Ariel show.

Today; We had a big flock of geese in the lake, for the first time this spring. Now I mean more that a dozen, when I say first time. But I think we had three go a rounds today. Was just a few birds on each go a round. We bagged a total of 6.

Reports today that at Riverton Reserve, in south west Iowa still had, a very big number of birds. We are looking for some young dumb ones, maybe they will decoy and we can get some number in the bag.

Sunday morning we start daylight saving time. Departure from town will be 6:30. WOW I feel rested already.

This is late so best get it posted. As always, remember the troops in your prayers tonight. Also please check back.

Let ya go and we'll see ya. Carl

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