Monday, March 05, 2012

Got these SOB about 2:00 today

Old business first. Had to many home jobs, to get a report out last evening. Also I know the picture did not post. Damn technology, is baffling to old men, and I am proof. If things go good you may get one tonight.

Sunday. First no wind and then we had to much wind. There is a difference between my count of birds yesterday and R K. I had 6 the boss says 5. But we could not get them in so they were up wind to us, where they, just can't roll out. So, the kill per flock was BAD, but I was sure we got at least one, on each go a round. But anytime you have a 25 MPH wind, or greater, and you are up wind, if the first guy don't kill, you ain't killin much. We were closer to a 40MPH than a 25MPH wind, yesterday

Now to today. Still plenty of birds but to get them in close is hard. Had 3 or 4 bunches in pretty good but not close enough so they left unmolested. But at about 2:00 a bunch that was a long shot, but the boss had, had enough, so he called the shot. By then we were down only 4 gunners. We took 6 out of the flock. We had 4 DIP and 2 swimmers. We was happy.

Have more home work to do, so have to post this

Remember the troops and please check back.

See ya. Carl.

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