Sunday, March 18, 2012

All about Chocolate today

Today's story, is more about people than hunting. Over the years there are hunters that just come back year after year. With the boss's years of hunting, some of those groups now are returning with their grandchildren. However that is not the root of this story. These groups and some individual have gained the knowledge, over the years, of his sweet tooth. From the candy isle in a store they pick up little rewards to share with him, on good day and bad days. His favorite is chocolate. Mostly I want to tell about, the "doggy biscuits" offering he receive after a well enjoyed shot. To help you understand better, in the fall lets say we decoy in 30 big Canada, for a good shot the Hershey's & Snickers are everyplace. Today, we had this crew from eastern Iowa, with a high school age, young lady, that we all wanted, to get a shot for her, in the worst away and today was the very last chance. After enduring two "no shot" days in a row, two blues give her, and her and old smoke pole, the chance, to go into action. We were all very happy, as you should be. Well here comes out of one of their hunting bag this huge Hershey candy bar, and she was sent, to the bosses blind with it in hand. I was not ready with the camera for the delivery, but I got his response, captured in a picture. He quickly grabs, a little one out of his stash, and this big one, with a jewel of a remark, as how he is treated. Something about how he was treated yesterday and this today. It was a gem. Just had to post the picture.

As I say we harvested two blues before the 80+ degree weather sent us home.

Say a prayer for out troops that are protecting us, and please check back. Sounds like we are going to try to stick it out for at least this next week

See Ya Carl

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