Wednesday, March 07, 2012

A rooten tooten day

The day got off with a bang. At just before 7:00 this morning, I had just finished a e mail, and had just put the Pad away, when I heard the boss cuss. Then I heard the command to get ready. Then in less than 5 seconds the next command was to "TAKE EM". Not much time for an OSFF to be ready. But I went up with the old smoke pole, and to the right front, a ball of S&B'S was hanging. It was one of them, pointed and shoot, shots. Again with only four guns on the lake, we done ourselves proud. When the smoke cleared we had 9 DIP and one that got up and flew off.

Have has several flocks that give us a good look but did not decoy in. Since the big kill, we have had a few loners and a pair make the fatal decent. We just are not letting many get out, when they get in here. The wind was blowing hard, to our delight, it is a great wind. Things look better, and the birds respond better when we have the wind

We have had a first for the season. Had a nice flock of birds decoy. 4 out of the bunch decoyed in much faster than the rest and the boss went on them. They were all little Ross geese. This was the first, this season, where there were several in the flock. They are short 4 now

Was another day when we had a memorable aerial show, with the Canada's. At one time we had over 125 big Canada's in the lake one time. There were some big ones.

The picture was from this morning.

Had all the birds that every one wanted, today so we come in. Total for the day is 15. We are in need of guns and bird takers.

About all I can tell ya today. But remember the troops in your daily prayers. Also please check back.

See ya. Carl

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