Saturday, March 03, 2012

A test and a hunting report

By the time old sol got go this point we had two birds in the sack. Not the greatest sunrise but it was something I can post. It is from this morning, see I am trying new things with this I Pad, and putting a picture on as I write, is a new trick I am trying. Hope it makes through all steps to posting. Just have to do some of that fancy stuff other sporting bloggers have been doing for years.

Also I have a bird that we harvested yesterday that went unreported. Had a lone Ross that made a fatal mistake yesterday and got just a little to close.

We had plenty of birds, through out the day, but as advertised they are a tough bird to decoy, this spring. We can get them to start, but to finish in gun range, is tough. With a great wind today out of the north, that made the air much colder than the temperature really way. Speaking of that cool breeze, I threw on an extra shirt this morning, because of the wind and it was a smart move on my part. Guys they are tough this year. I love the spring hunt, but hunters are not going to get them birds, under control. They may just have to bomb them, before they get sick and infect all waterfowl.

It really hurts your heart to see all the ducks and the other geese, fall into the lake and you can't grab the old smoke pole and go to work. But just be able to set back and watch, is one great thrill. I asked the boss today if he was sure, if maybe our calling didn't have a bad affect on those birds in the fall. WOW just to have one day, with a Speck flight, like we had today, in the fall. Seen way more pintails today than we have in a couple of falls. I guess what I am saying is, the day was worth it, even if we didn't whack and stack a bunch of sky carp.

Best get this posted, so remember the troops tonight and please check back .

See ya. Carl

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