Wednesday, October 09, 2013

More on our Mystery Hawk

I think it was Sunday, I reported that we were seeing this strange migration going on that Ralph in all his years hunting, had never seen before.  Now that covers many years.  This morning when I checked my E-Mail I had a E-Mail with some enlightening news.  I have not checked but I think his E-Mail to me, will be posted in the comments of the Sundays Kohler Report.  His comment sent me to goggle and I am sure he is absolutely right.  I forwarded his note to a friend that is a former teacher and studies, strange things, in the bird world, like this.  He sent me back an E-Mail saying he also was sure that this guy is on target.  He said we were seeing, the Swainson's Hawk.  With the wonderful tool, the I Pad, I have, and I put to uses on this, by taking pictures of my screen, with the different stories I found in goggling, about this hawk.  Then I spent my morning reading these stories.  What an interesting bird.  But how could Ralph spend all these years out there in their flyway and never seen them before.  My guess the reason is, they are late this season.  They may pass through here, before the waterfowl season, in mid September.  But these birds were high, and unless taking time to study them, anyone could have passed them off as gulls, or other birds.  But once we got studying the profile of this bird, did we get curious, as what it was. Then when there are flock after flock, we really got us curious.  Now this bird is a very interesting bird.  It migrates from northern Canada to southern Argentina.  Well that is the extremes range.  There are some that hatch in the U S, but most are north of the Canadian border, and some even in Alaska.  I think my data, I was reading, was saying they migrate 10-14,000 miles. They ride the thermals to gain altitude, then dive to the next thermals, where the again rise, without using energy.  
Enough of that, and back to today's hunting.  Today as every morning we had Canada's in the lake.  There was plenty of ducks flying this morning.  But the hunters we had were wanting geese.  We did have a pair geese come in, but our shooting was bad.  Ralph said if we would had a crew, we could of had 40 ducks and a couple Canada's.  What is wrong with a day like that??  Hope we have some hunters, when the Whitefronts, come through.  We are expecting them any day now.  They seam to enjoy the wind from the south. 
Tonight as always. Remember our hero that protect us, and check back if possible. 
See Ya    Carl

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