Sunday, October 13, 2013

The action has picked up just a little

After a couple boring days we had early morning action this Sunday morning.  Plenty of teal flying around to warm up the smoke poles on.  Think the got 3 go-a-rounds and then we had a big Canada sneak in on us from behind.  He lit in the lake and with a short crew was impossible to send a  message down through the pits.  Well he swam out of range, and got up when they shot on some teal.  Then later we heard anotherCanada, and he gave us a shot.  They harvested him, with a volley of steel.
Late day hunter took a whitefront. 
Unreported bag was fri 2 ducks, sat 1 duck. Today's bag was 6 ducks, I Canada, 1 whitefront.  Things are looking up. 
Pray for the protesters, and our military heroes, tonight, in your prayers.
Check back when possible
See ya.  Carl. 

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