Tuesday, October 08, 2013

One pretty day to hunt!!!

Tue, was just a little better than Monday was.  Monday we had a few blue wing Teal, bright and early, buzzing the lake.  But as you know the boss just can not call a shot when he is not sure the airways are void of Canada's. Monday was one of those days where it was late before you could see any distance untill later in the morning.  When he felt he could see, the ducks were gone.  We ended the day with zero in the sack.  But we did see tons of Cormorants, and a few pelicans.  Today we seen a few Cormorants and tons of Pelicans. 
Today, again we had the teal, zipping around and the boss could see, with, today's crystal clear sky, so he turned the hunter loose on a couple bunches of them.  We also had a nice small flock of pintails.  With only a couple of hunters they got to go on them two.  With, your reflexes set up for teal zipping through, then to be turned loose on some pintail,I think they were out in front of the much slower, pintail.  The truth is, they looked bad.  Knocked down only one. That old boy is still hiding on the shore line someplace out there. 
Just have to reflect a little, on the new lake.  Every morning there has been good number of Canada's that we have kicked off the lake.  Yesterday morning we had three different flocks.  One down by the pump, that sounded like there had to be close to a hundred birds in that flock.  Boy was that something when they got up.  Plenty of talking from them.  Then right behind the blinds there was some that jumped up like we had snuck up on them.  We had got so close Ralph heard their winds, and did that ever excite him.  He has not heard the bird wings, for several years.   As I say there is not much in the line of geese that pass this lake up. 
Bact to today, what a pretty day, after all the gloomy days.  And a great wind to go with it.  Was so clear that it was apparent there was not going to be a sunrise picture, long before sunrise.  We stuck it out till about 2:00, because we were sure there was going to be a flock of Whitefronts, come barreling down today.  About the only goose we seen was a poor old loaner that settled in with no hesitation, the hunters made quick work of him. 
I think the game bag had that goose and 5 teal, one was a green wing.  Pretty light for such a great day, weather wise. Think the forecast is for a repeat of today, tomorrow. 
Will love it.  Hope the hunter pick up, before we get much of a migration, because, there is not much history of the geese passing this new lake.  And if we have just a handful of hunters and a push of birds, we will be back in town before our breakfast is digested.
Best close this up.  Please say a little prayer for all our service personnel, tonight before you hit the pillow. And please check back, when ever you have time.
See ya.    Carl    

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