Thursday, October 10, 2013


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Received another E Mail on the hawks.  There is a possibility that it could be another hawk, other than the Swainson's Hawk.  The other Hawk is a "Broad-Winged Hawk".  I was so sure I had the answer when I learned of the Swainson's hawk.  Will have to say that the Swainson's Hawk would still be in his migration route, where as the Broad-Winged Hawk is west of his migration path by about 50-100 miles.  But that is no reason to say that it could not be, that hawk.  I remember a few years back I was talking to our game warden, about Sandhills-Cranes.  He told me he had never seen a Sandhills crane in Burt County.  While hunting at Kohlers, there was 9 that got up just north of the South lake and flew right over the blinds. Just a few years back, there was a very strong west wind, and there was thousands of them flying down the Tekamah bottom, that day and the next day.  So birds do get blown off their route. I guess we will just have to say that there was something different going on when we and others seen all these birds, doing in our eyes strange things, which, we had never seen it before.  But I know how Ralph studies the skies, and for him to say that he had never witness this site before, says something to me.  A sincere, "thanks boss" for pointing it out to us youngens that this was an unusual site going on, above our heads.
Back to hunting today.  Again, plenty of duck on the pond, this morning, but no hunters and home duties to handle, made us close up and come home.  Again this morning we chased some geese off the water, but the skies were void of them after that. 
Our maker provided us with a great sunrise, again this morning.  The last two mornings they have been, great.  This is from this morning. 

Well, say a prayer for all our young people that are protecting our country, tonight, and every night.
Check back, I hoping I will have a nice harvest to report on soon.  Maybe they will be Specks. 
See ya.   Carl   

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