Saturday, October 05, 2013


Well the excitement was high, as we departed the cafe. Many knowing the location, had drove out and got here earlier.  You know it being opening day, and everything.  Good thing because I had never driven, this route, in the dark, and drove right by the first corner.  This is bad when the helps get lost on the way to the pits, but it happened. 
At about legal time we had six big ones drop in land, right in the decoys. Just a little to far to shoot.  After about a half hour, we had another, group of 5, pump in from the northeast.  They got a little to close, especially when there is a group of hunters with itchy trigger fingers, hiding in pits, Well these air borne were good for the hunters on the north end and the hunter hiding in the DAUBERT HILTON, had their eye, fixed on the floaters out front, in the decoys. When the boss gave the command, there was some steel sent airborne. Have to say the southern boys were more deadly that the northern boys on that group.  After a few barrels on the cripples, we had 4 of the floaters, kicking at the stars.  They were a long shot.
Later in the morning we had another 5-6 come in from the north east again.  They thought the new puddle was looking nice, and ventured in, just a little bit, to close.  Again the squad went into action.  This time, it was maybe a little more a equal shot for all.  Again they deposited four more, on the pond. So before 8:15 we were into three flocks of Cans and a total of 8, DIP.  Not the best percent, but how can you complain with what we had in the bag.  Sure these were all local birds. 
For several years I have asked for some deeper water, to help with the duck decoying.  Well we have some deep water this fall.  Used to have water where a dog could run for all retrieves.  This lake we have some deep water.  When you push up a road, and then room to set the blinds, it takes some dirt.  Had a couple guys and dogs venture into the deep water, this morning.  Well the dogs were swimming, and for awhile I thought, the guys were going to need to swim too.  The boss wanted plenty of water to start the season, and then we get additional two inches of rain, so we have water. 
Most of the hunters were wanting to watch the Nebraska game, so we abandon, the pits, after 11:00 and come to the house. 
Can not complain on this morning action.  Did hear of other hunters harvesting nice numbers of ducks.  We had our chances on ducks, but it was with geese in the decoys, and with Ralph, that ain't happening.  Did see some big ducks but most were little ducks.  Even though, we had a wind, that was out of the South East which, the lake and the decoys are not set up for, we just could not complain, with the quality of decoying.  They were never looking at anyplace to set down other than in our spread.  I have to think, Ralph feel that is what he was aiming for, when he laid out this lake. 
Best get this posted, so as always, remember the troops in your bedtime prayers. 
Also please check back,  
See ya.  Carl

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