Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Less odor and better product

Today’s harvest was just a little more familiar “product” than what we took yesterday. We had a couple go-rounds on tall ducks with no success, but when we had 5 can’s land out on us today the results was just a little more successful. They got into the decoys and Kevin and Rob-Bob thought they could harvest a couple. It was a long shot on both birds but they put them back in the pond. Took a couple additional shot to be D I P, but who counts shells when working the Canada’s over. They did a good job. The boss was gone, so us amateurs, were all that was one duty, I have not talked to the boss yet, but sure he will be excited for us.

Again the Loons or Cormorants dominated the skies, but as we say “That is a good sign” because the good birds are not far behind them. They always have us hiding as they come sailing down the river. When they are flying straight on you, and you are always wanting them to be geese, they can make you feel foolish, but it is better to be safe than sorry. We know that Canada’s would not be in big flocks like we are seeing, right now but the Whitefronts do, and we sure would not want to miss out on a flock of those, birds. Would love to have a good day on those, this year.

All the ducks we seen today, were Pintails. But had great report from Canada on the number of ducks up there. Now if they would just move in to Nebraska, and not linger in the Dakota’s to long, and give us a good duck year.

Well we have some weather moving in on us tomorrow so looking forward to posting another report, then. Why I would miss tomorrow for nuttin

So as always remember, the troops in your bedtime prayers. Also include Dorothy, Fred and Ed, too.

See Ya Carl

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