Saturday, October 16, 2010

We warmed up the barrels, some today

Good morning in the blind and a bad afternoon for Nebraska football.

I will cover the morning in the blind first. We had 3 or 4 flocks of whitefronts flying around before it was legal shooting time. Had one flock that gave us a couple of swings. Never got close to getting into range, even thou it was to early to shoot. We had several different of types of ducks in the area. Coots, Spoonies, Gadwalls, Weagon, Pintails Blue and Green wing, and Cinnamon Teal. Well we harvested most all except the Coots and Spoonies. Think we were in ducks 3 times and Canada’s two times. The Canada, decoying has been some of the prettiest you could ever see. The last two Canada’s, we took had their feet down before they got line up for the decent into the decoys. They had their wings cupped about as much of any birds I have seen, before.. At the time there was a nice breeze out of the NNW, lets say near 20MPH, and they took advantage of it. Had maybe a 35 yd shot. We had only 7 guns and we took 24 or 25 birds this morning. Great morning of shooting.

We come in early so we could watch TV. There was only one program on and it was a bad show. Four dropped touchdown passes and never scored on anyone one of those drives. We (Nebraska) owed them a butt whippin. Well I guess we were not ment to play for the National Championship, this year.

Dorothy got out of the hospital today. She was moved to our local nursing home for a couple of weeks. The pain is down considerable, and the Dr. thought it was time for her to get a little closer to home.

Please remember the troops in your prayers to night.

Please check back and
we’ll see ya Carl

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