Thursday, October 14, 2010

Blind and Dorothy Update

There is so much news to share with you tonight, but going to make it short

They found the problem with Dorothy and she is now on the mend. In the fall, Dorothy she has cracked three of the tailbone, bones. Now that sounds like double talk, but I can not say it any other way. Today she was taken to Emmanuel Hospital , in Omaha and they done some procedure, to repair this. Relief, was promised, to be almost immediate . Have not got the word that, that is the case, but did hear she was resting comfortably, when
Ralph and Jeanie left her in Blair this afternoon. I know the Boss sounded less stressed out on the phone, so much better than he has for the past few days. Ralph has got down at least one good meal today, so that has to help him some too. Not sure when Dorothy will be coming home, or if she will be going to some assisted living center. Thank God they have got a handle on the pain problem. Will give updates, when I hear more.

Now to the hunting. As I said in the last post, that us amateurs were in charge at the pits. We have been doing well enough, that I should have had a posting last evening, but I just could not get one that sound right. Yesterday we took one big Canada and two ducks. But the interesting thing was we seen and or heard, 7 or 8 small flocks of Whitefronts. All were high, but we could hear them. Well not me but the guys that have good hearing could hear them. We also was seeing a few Canada’s, moving around.

Today was a different story. We killed three ducks out of four that got in range. That is about all we seen. Did have a small flock, of Loons, that slipped in on us, and was just north of the lake before we seen them and done a quick hide job. Coming right straight in on us, most of them gliding. We had to laugh at ourselves, but it happens several times every season.

Well remember everyone in your prayers tonight, the troops and our sick friends.

See Ya Carl

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