Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Strange visitors today

Day Two, with high winds. We seen migrating birds this morning and they were in big flocks. But --- they were Sandhill Cranes. It is rare, to see these birds in the skies over Burt County Nebr. I remember many years ago there was a flock that had settled down in a field north of the lake. About mid morning they took off and I spotted them and hollered “Geese” and very soon RK I D them as Sandhill Cranes. A few day latter I seen our local Game Warden and told him about them, and he told me he had never seen a Sandhill Crane in Burt County. I knew he was not believing me so I said “well just check with Ralph” He then said if Ralph would tell me he had seen some I would believe him. We only see then when there has been a strong west wind, when they are on the move, and they get blown over to this end of the state. We had several flocks, pass over the lake today. Took some pictures but they just don’t show up that good, to post the picture.

There was very little to report there were just a few Canada’s and a few ducks. We did get into a flock of Pintails and took out a few of them. One was a pretty good specimen. A big drake with about a long a tail as you will see in the fall. With the cold air moving in tonight you just have to wonder if everything starts tomorrow. We have the feeling, we have paid our dues for this year and they just have to begin the move.

Please check back and also keep the troops in your prayers.

See Ya Carl

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